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Humans are Super-Predators and Anti-Evolution

Posted on 22 September 2015 by Jerry

Predators, other than humans, assist the process of evolution by picking the young, sick, lame or aged as the victims of their predation or the ones they kill. They help the evolution of the strong and healthy by taking victims who are less capable of resisting their attacks. They beneficially cull the bloodlines of all animals. They improve a selection process that favors stronger animals.

Human hunters however, act as an opposing force to evolution. They do not seek to kill the young, sick, lame or aged but rather seek the robust specimens they would be proud to mount on their walls. Using deer as our example, do you see the heads of females or babies on the wall or the adult male ‘five pointers’ or heads with huge antlers? The answer is obvious. These are the successful male deer, those who avoided hunters and represent a strong evolutionary line and influence. These are the deer to preserve not destroy.

Hunters relive old animal instincts. They attack the most able, reliving age-old demonstrations that they are the greatest natural predator. Hunters cloke their behavior in modern rationalizations to confuse the recognition of their true motives.

A new study summarized and published in the August 21, 2015 issue of Science magazine compares the human predator, hunters and fishermen, with the rest of the carnivore predators in the animal kingdom. An article about the results of the study in part states, “We are still the unique super-predator that we evolved to be. Analyzing an extensive database of 2125 exploited wild animal populations, the authors find that humans take up to 14 times as much adult prey biomass as do other predators.”

Many articles defend the need for hunters citing excess animals in a variety of cities across the world. Of course these articles do not list the reasons for too many wild pigs in San Jose, California, too many wild turkeys in Maine or too many deer in Ohio. They also do not address the surplus of Badgers in the U.K., Whitetail deer in Long Island, elephants in South Africa, Red Deer in Scotland or grey wolves in the U.S.

It could be the humans or bureaucrats who control these areas made earlier mistakes that created a surplus of these animals. It could be just a bureaucrat who feels he or she has reached an equilibrium that should allow the raising of more money by selling hunting permits.

These locations and bureaucrats all argue that they permit hunters because the alternative of professional exterminators is too expensive. This does not explain why hunters are unencumbered by limitations on their weapons. Why bow hunting is separately permitted in various jurisdictions? Why heavy weapons with large caliber ammunition is used to give the hunter an inordinate advantage over the defenseless animal.

A professional sharpshooter in explaining how a cull actually works was quoted in an Outdoor Life article published on April 9, 2014. He stated, “It is unfortunate that suppressed firearms aren’t more widely accepted across the country. Luckily, we were able to utilize them during culls, even though New York doesn’t permit their use by the general public. We used .243-caliber rifles built off of Remington and Savage bolt actions…Upon penetration, the rounds quickly broke apart and dumped all of their energy into the animals’ soft tissue…I can’t recall a single instance of pass through, and the devastation the bullets caused was truly amazing, often turning the entire skull to jelly.”

Most of these jurisdictions do not point at the issuance of hunting permits to generate revenue. Many of these jurisdictions seek to hide their motivation in a variety of regulations that are an olive branch to those who would protect these animals. Most areas for example, dictate that if a mature female of a species is taken and would leave a young baby to fend for itself (or die alone) the baby should be killed along with the mother.

Hunting permits issued to human beings are an imbedded feature of most human societies around the world. It probably would take a very long campaign to abolish or put enough peer pressure on the hunting culture of human beings. We should try however. The behavior of these people is archaic and represents one of the worst ongoing offenses of our species. Given the age of the species, we should have outgrown this behavior long ago.

We should once and forever admit that hunting should be abolished except in cultures where it provides necessary sustenance. That everywhere else it is a throwback to behavior that is the worst, most animalistic in our history. We should admit that hunting permits are established all over the world as a revenue-generating tool. We should use all other options even if they are more costly to protect our view of human beings, our behavior, and ourselves. We should make being human a greater calling than just being at the top of the food chain as the world’s greatest predator.

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