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Many articles follow a specific element of a story and like any tale, the full plot is revealed over time.  Newcomers can benefit by reading earlier selected articles which provide a context for newer articles. In addition there are editorials that provide a perspective for the blog. This section identifies by category older articles and editorials that should be read first. 

This Blog is a continuation of issues and topics raised in the earlier book, Beyond Animal, Ego and Time: The Human Odyssey published in 2011.  For further background and information on these issues see Beyond Animal, Ego and Time.  Beyond won several book awards including an Eric Hoffer Book Award, an “IPPY”, and a Nautilus Award in 2012.  

Protect Life Imperative – Genetic Engineering

  •  Speed/Slow/Stop or Label Genetically Modified Foods
  •  Where There’s Toxins, There’s….What?
  •  Roundup (Glyphosate) and Infertility
  •  Panels Look at Genetic Engineering of Chimeras in the UK and Germany

Protect Life Imperative – Synthetic Biology

  • Troubling Progress for Synthetic Biology
  • Synthetic Biology Alarms Sound

Protect Life Imperative – Ozone Hole

  • Ozone Depletion Sets Record At North Pole
  • A New Ozone Hole at the North Pole

Protect Life Imperative – Climate Change

  • World CO2 Jump is Biggest in History
  • Weather Goest Thou?
  • Climate Change Awaits Obama and Democratic Congress Reelection
  • Record Warmest Year in U.S. (2012)
  • Are We Passing Climate Change Tipping Points

Protect Life Imperative – Nuclear Weapons

  • Reducing the Deficit: A Nuclear Benefit
  • U.S. Secures, Reduces, and Manages World Nuclear Materials
  • Chernobyl 2012: the Disaster that Keeps Reminding

Continued Evolution

  • RNA at the Beginning
  • Bonobos and Chimpanzees: How Close are our Closest Relatives
  • What Makes a Brilliant Mammal?
  • Altruism – Empathy Likely Biologically Universal

Enhanced Life Experience

  • To Sentient For Their Own Good
  • Distribution of World Wealth Worsens

Human Intervention

  • NIH Moves Chimps from Chumps to Champs
  • Persistent PETA Presses to End Primate Experimentation
  • Your Intervention to Protect the Arctic
  • Climate Change Refugees – x 300


  • Primatives and Unacceptable Opportunity Costs
  • Focused Space Colonization


  • Beyond Animal, Ego and Time Wins Eric Hoffer Book Award
  • Beyond Animal, Ego and Time Wins Silver “IPPY” Award
  • Beyond Animal, Ego and Time Wins Nautilus Award
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