IAmAGuardian.com was borne of a desire to make news about science and human progress available for the ‘everyman’.   Too often, our sensational-seeking media overlooks the truly important news stories such as the breakthrough or controversy of scientists whose work will impact us much more than the latest celebutante’s fashion faux pas, the current political scandal or latest episode of reality TV.  Every day brings stories about the good and bad of what we are doing to help or hurt ourselves and our planet.  Unfortunately, news about these things that truly matter gets buried in the back pages of popular media or reserved for publication in trade journals–expensive and unknown to many of the rest of us.  The objective of iamaguardian.com is to bring these stories and issues to light and break them down so anyone can follow.

The articles are organized into four main categories taken from the “imperatives” identified in Beyond Animal, Ego and Time.  Referred to in short-hand as Protect, Enhance, Evolve, and Intervene, the imperatives are as follows:

  • Life must continue and be protected from global threats:
    • the ozone hole(s)
    • global climate change
    • nuclear weapons
    • synthetic biology
  • We must enhance life experience to make it a net positive.
  • Evolution must continue.
  • Human beings must intervene in the flow of events and assume the role of Guardians of Life.

Of course, a few minutes spent here reveals that this is no stark and dry regurgitation of experiments and studies.  The articles focus on the stories that affect us morally and physically–now and well into the future–sharing insights (or criticism) and providing resources on how you can make a difference.   A visit to “Newcomer Reads” and “The Book” will quickly give you an overview of the structure and general sentiment of the site.

We understand that you might disagree with (or downright reject) some of the conclusions the authors reach…That’s okay!  We encourage debate and urge you to join the community to interact with other members and defend your position.  The writers/contributors make every effort to participate in the forum and discussion boards and always welcome a lively (yet respectful) dialogue.  Please use the form below to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions.  Or, visit the “Contribute” page to learn how you can join the IAmAGuardian.com team–we’re always on the lookout for new authors, reporters and event organizers.

IAmAGuardian.com informs a concerned citizenry and empowers you to intervene in what is happening around us to insure beneficial outcomes.  In one way or another, you are already a Guardian.  IAmAGuardian.com simply encourages you to extend your thoughts to the rest of us giving recognition to your human kinship.  Together, if we’re involved and persevere, we can make this world a better place and secure a future of which we will all be proud.




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