Nope I’ll Pass Addendum

Posted on 20 October 2011 by Jerry

In a related article dated September 25, 2011 entitled Nope I’ll Pass on That, But Gimme Some of That, we provided lists from two separate articles that would be of use to shoppers for food.   One article identified a list of foods stack ranked by measured pesticide residues. Another article identified varieties of Heirloom or natural seeds that could be purchased from identified sources in order to insure you avoid genetically engineered foods when planting a garden or crop acreage.

Now in a new posting from the entitled, Some Genetically Modified Foods there is a list of known genetic modifications by crop or foodstuff.  The article complains that it is virtually impossible to identify all of the genetically modified foods because there are no laws in the U. S. that force disclosure of genetic modifications.  This is a reasonable list however that describes some of the modifications, how widespread they are and what products contain them as ingredients.   Use the link below to make a copy of the article.  Refer to an earlier article if you want the latest on GM food contamination of human blood.  See article, Where There’s Toxins, There’s…What?” under genetic engineering.

Use for following link for more information:


October 8, 2011, San Francisco, Genetic Engineering


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