Savory Answers Desertification

Posted on 02 May 2013 by Jerry

He makes too much sense.  He must be right at least in some measure.  The he is Allan Savory who did one of the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) talks where he discussed the spreading deserts of our planet.  His thesis is that there is a convergence of three threats that pose significant risk to civilization, climate change, an ever-growing world population, and land that is undergoing desertification.

He argues there was a natural interdependency between large herds of animals and the land and vegetation on which they roamed and dined.  He draws a relationship between large herds of animals that had to move from place to place to find new food.  Their periodic trampling and fertilizing of the land allowed vegetation and the soil to renew.  This was a natural process that kept the land from turning into desert.

What we do instead is over farm and over graze our land, use chemicals that we think will renew it, and burn grasslands trying to force them to produce new growing vegetation.  Savory’s assumptions are that we are doing exactly the wrong things to renew our land.  Instead our modern methods are turning land into desert when there is a different approach that mimics the past and provides an answer.

My purpose in writing this article is not to give you a comprehensive summary of his talk, but rather to encourage you to use the link below to actually listen to his presentation.  I have also provided a link to an article that is critical of Savory’s thesis.  The truth lies somewhere between these two views.  I personally believe Savory is more accurate than mistaken but you decide.

Use the following links to see the Savory TED talk and obtain additional information.  Select “Watch This Talk” at the bottom of this article.


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